Pearson Financial Services has been created with the main aim objective of getting people to talk about and gain a better understanding about the financial products they have. People can shy away from speaking about financial matters for a numer of reasons like some people don’t understand them and don’t want to feel daft, some people think that financial advice is only for the “rich and wealthy”, others can assume it’s expensive or they might be forced into something they don’t want or need. People can be forgiven for thinking this way, but we are here to dispel these misgivings in fact Pearson Financial Services encourages people to speak and ask questions whether you earn £5k to £5 million aged 18 to 80.


We here to help people and to make sure that no matter what financial product they have or need, whether it be a mortgage, insurance protection policies, pensions and investments or wills and estate planning that they are correct, and your money is working the best it can for you. Let’s face it, it’s hard to earn and easily spent, so it needs protecting and utilising the best possible way for you and your family. 

We encourage people to speak to us and a lot of the important work we do is free and if a service does have a cost, you will know any costs beforehand and these will be demonstrated clearly in our paperwork. Things change so quickly in life like jobs, relationships, family situations, the list is endless, and all have an effect without even realising. Pearson Financial Services wants a conversation about you and your needs, in a friendly open way, without pressure or obligation to do anything and even if you are sure of your financial position and the investments you’ve made, why not let us confirm that, because who doesn’t like a pat on the back?……. SO LET’S TALK!



"I appointed Matthew Pearson in November 2017 in relation to arranging a mortgage that suited myself and my circumstances as I was in the process of solely purchasing a property.

I found Matthew to be professional and transparent throughout the process of advising me of my options. He was always contactable either by phone or email and we arranged several meetings to discuss my requirements and the mortgage deals available to me.

Matthew then made a mortgage application on my behalf and kept me informed at each stage. He explained each point of the application and once approved he talked me through the mortgage contract and provided additional useful information such as when I can start paying the instalments and what I will be receiving from the lender. As a first time buyer I found this very helpful and informative.

Once the mortgage application was complete I then sought Matthew’s knowledge on life insurance and again he guided me through the process of choosing the right policy based on my lifestyle. He explained the meaning of the jargon commonly used in both mortgage and life insurance contracts. I felt he was trustworthy and I would not hesitate to use his services again or recommend him to family and friends."

Jessica Wild