For a lot of people a mortgage is the biggest expense they will have is there mortgage. There are many types of mortgages and types of mortgage products and a lot of the time the type ofmortgage will be linked whats happening in your life at that point things like moving to your dream
home, purchase your first home, remortgage to raise funds for a range of things like a extension for the house, new family car, clear debts what ever the need is you want to raise funds for.

These are the common occurrences people know but there are many more for lots of situations like buying your council house buying a house to rent and even if your credit score is not what it used to be there could be a solution for you so feel free to look at the mortgage section and if you cant find the answer just contact us its free to talk.


What’s the most important thing to you? Is that yourself? Your Wife or husband? Family? People have lots of things that matter to them and for lots of different reasons. But the common thing with all the reasons is that no matter what it is we would want to protect them the best we could. Peoples needs, and priorities change and so do your protection needs.


Protection insurance is
not mandatory and you don’t need this for a mortgage purpose but if you are paying for a policy you should want to make sure that the policy will protect, provide and achieve exactly what you want for your loved one who or whatever that is. We have information on different types of protection on
what they do but encourage you to let us review your protection and we are happy to speak with providers if you have no paperwork and again the service is free and then you can have the peace of mind that no matter what life throws up you know you at least you have one less thing to deal with.
Please contact us and we will get in touch to take you through how the
free review works.

Pearson fs know that wills and estate planning are something that is a job for tomorrow that never gets done!!! Your not alone as research statistics show that the majority of us do not have one in place.


A will basically ensures that the effort that you went to when protecting your loved ones actually happens and should consider a will and protection hand in hand. Even a single person with no kids should have one ideally as a will keeps things tidy and reduces stress for the ones grieving. If you have children then a will is definitely needed for more than one reason.


The wills and estate planning section runs explains about some different types of wills and trust but would say the easiest thing is to get in touch and arrange for an advisor to give you a call you’re a time that suits you.

Wills & Estate Planning

Pension & Investments

Retirement the time for you to put your feet up and start to enjoy the fruits of your hard working life! Pensions have gone through a massive change and still changing. The changes to pensions have made things not as straight forward as before and some people have made decision’s with there pension that have made retirement a lot hard for themselves in mistake.

PearsonFS offers a complete free review of you pension for you with minimum effort from you. We will write to the provider as lots of questions and that will allow the pension specialist to produce a report that shows you the risk rating of the pension( how much of a gamble the pension company takes with your money) the charges for being in that pension and although you wont see these charges directly from your bank account you are paying these with your money so should know what the charges are and also how the pension has been performing for the past five years.

The Specialist will come to explain the report to you at a time that suits yourself and then at least you have an understanding of what your retirement will look like. Again with the changes to pensions what people thought the rules are could well have changed and the only thing we need to produce the report are a few details and the best thing is that the review is free so why would you not get in touch